Classes and Curiosities

I know talking about school and classes can be boring, so I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet! While my week was pretty busy, I had some great experiences and learned a lot about being spontaneous and going with the flow.

Last week I officially began the “study” part of my study abroad program. I had originally planned to have Fridays and Mondays open to allow more time for weekend trips to exciting places. However, some of my classes ended up having different schedules than what I planned for. Not a problem, I’m still very much happy with how everything turned out and I can still swing some great weekend trips.

All the classes I am taking apply towards my core degree units and major units: Advanced Italian, World Religions, and Filmmaking (with a focus on human rights issues), and a Humanities course in which I participate in an internship!

I start working this week and I have to admit I’m very nervous. For my internship I will be volunteering with Piazza Grande, a volunteer organization working with the homeless in Bologna by reintegrating them into society in a dignified way. This seems so daunting, especially because I’ll be expected to put my knowledge of Italian to use, more than I’m used to. But I’m ready for any challenge, and no matter the work I’m asked to do I hope my creativity will get me by!

I’m eager to see how my classes develop, and I’m ready to immerse myself in society through my internship. While last week was just a teaser, it was a great introduction to how the rest of my semester is going to look. I even got to dress for a rainy day, have some movie wine nights, and find the perfect gelato place! I’ve only got one class each day, so I will still have plenty of time to enjoy the city center and relax during the week or even plan some spontaneous trips.

First day of classes


Rainy day!
Rainy day!


Alma Mater Camplus
Alma Mater Camplus
City views




Being busy with classes was no excuse for the first week. I couldn’t let anything stop me from enjoying late nights with friends! I discovered just how much fun it is to make impromptu plans, joining friends on last minute gelato runs, or booking train tickets to cool cities. If I had decided to stay in my room, I would never have found the gelato place that drizzles chocolate into the bottom of the cone. I would have never enjoyed the conversations with new friends. If I chose to avoid spontaneity I would never have had the adventure of a lifetime this weekend!

Sometimes I know when its best to stay in and have time to myself, and other times I know when to enjoy the company of other people. I learned a lot more about some of the other students in this program, just because I took the risk of missing out on a couple of extra hours of sleep. And I’m glad I did. Unplanned adventures, experiences, and relationships always turn out to be the best ones. Here’s to many more!

Late night gelato
ITIT Caffè breakfast
Graffiti is everywhere in the city
Old parts of the city!
Old parts of the city!


Piazza Maggiore
Piazza Maggiore

Until next time, grazie per leggendo! xx

2 thoughts on “Classes and Curiosities”

  1. It is fun to discover how open to exploring and adventures you became. I love looking at the pictures in this post and the smiling faces of you and your new friends. And l like how creative you are with the titles for each post ☺️

  2. Hmm… So this is now an “Urbanski fest”? Paula – love your posts. I especially love reading about your personal insights. Keep it coming. 😉

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